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Live Happy Life

Martha Kosta


... laugh not because life is easy or perfect ...

but because we are grateful for ALL the good things we have

and all the bad that we know we DO NOT have !!!


laughter is a powerful healing tool:

natural antidote against anxiety and depression

as it reduces stress-related hormones

and releases endorphins

(hormones of happiness, natural analgesics, energize

and stimulate optimism, self-confidence, etc.)


stimulates and strengthens the immune system


contribute to the good functioning of the gastroinstestinal


detoxifies organs and body


provides excellent cardiac exercise, 1 minute laughter is equivalent

to 10 minutes of rowing or running


energizing the metabolism


stimulates respiratory function


The "laughter yoga" is a technique oriented to physical exercise.

It is based on the scientifically proven fact that either we laugh spontaneously or profoundly the above benefits are the same.


The recipe is simple:

we combine laughter exercises with yogic breaths,

rhythmic applause and childish mood!


It is not necessary to have a good sense of humor or the reason to laugh, we laugh like exercise, maybe pretending at first, but because we have a visual pause with the other members of the group, laughter becomes spontaneous and contagious !!


Repeating the laughing exercises the brain develops new neurons

that produce "happiness hormones" in the body!


The "laughter yoga" started in a park in Mumbai in India

with just 5 people, with founder Dr. Kataria

and today there are over 6,000 laughter clubs

in 62 different countries in the world



laughter club Ioannina

Monday 8:00 until 8:40 evening

free entrance


Laughter Therapy