η τέχνη του ευ ζήν

Live Happy Life

Martha Kosta



we eat wasteful, processed foods,many

animal saturated fats and abundant chemicals

(antibiotics, hormones, preservatives,

colorants, E, etc.) ...

purely for the food and pharmaceutical industries

to earn money...


resulting a lot of diseases and cancer that "reaps"


The worst however is that this seems

normal to us, it seems normal

to be sick!

There are things that we can do

to change not only organic

but also mentally

the human existence,

to make it more functional

and efficient

to challenges of everyday life!





- nutritional support / counseling /coaching

- Natural and organic eating

- Weight management

- Nutrition for wellness and optimal energy

- sports nutrition

- Nutrition for the family

- for pregnancy and lactation

- for diseases

- for children and adolescents

- for eating disorders

- emotional eating

- vegan nutrition

- raw nutrition

- alternative nutrition

- metabolic assessment

- body composition analysis


group talks and workshops

we can also collaborate online

via Skype / Viber / WhatsApp

using video call

we eat to live

we do not live to eat

I’m a Registered Dietitian with a passion

for helping people become

healthier and happier