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Live Happy Life

Martha Kosta


... through games, laughter, dance ...

we relieve stress, sadness, anger, fear, boredom 

... all the negative feelings that poison us ...


today we need positive energy doses more than ever

to respond to the growing needs of everyday life 



... the source of our positive energy is within us ....



Play therpay

Games of trust, role, concentration, pantomime,

theatrical, contact, communication

Play therapy today is an alternative therapeutic proposition. Through the game we express feelings and ideas, we can come in contact with our deeper needs, discover new or more functional ways of communication and behavior, reinforce spontaneity, imagination, creativity, strive for anxiety, sadness


dance improvisation

 contact, themed (bollywood, hip hop, african, swing, zumba, latin ...) you do not need to know how to dance to participate .... dance helps to excite mentally and physically ... of course it helps to keep our weight on normal levels

dance therapy - kinetic therapy achieves changes in the physical, emotional and mental field as well as

the social behavior of the individual.



is a situation that exists and I create action without

pre-design, act spontaneously, casually 

according to the need or inspiration of the moment

(it can be in dance, music, theater, movement, speech ...)

With improvisation we become more spontaneous with more self-confidence, overcome the fear of failure,

develop imagination, creativity, humor ....



laughter yoga

laughter is the best medicine:

natural antidepressant, inverse, metabolism boosts,

very good cardio-physical exercise 1 minute laughter is equivalent

to 10 minutes running,

stimulating respiratory, gastrointestinal....

no need to have mood to laugh, we do laughing exercises

and laughter becomes spontaneous and contagious !!!


breathing exercises

Oxygen is the food of our cells, without it we live for it is important to learn to breathe properly.

Breathing exercises oxygenate the cells, cleanse them from unnecessary substances, improve the defense of the body, increase vitality, develop the ability to concentrate and focus, combat stress, relax the body  




guided meditation or narration of a meaningful story 



Positive Energy Workshop

ages 16 to 116 years old

evey Monday evening 8 o'clock

cost : 20 euro per month