η τέχνη του ευ ζήν

Live Happy Life

Martha Kosta


I was born in Ioannina. Greece on February 14, 1972

 ... because of my father's job (merchant navy), since I was child,

I had the opportunity to travel around the world, and get in touch 

with different people, places, cultures, habits, smells, flavors


In 1993 I graduated from gymnastics academy in Perugia, Italy


Since my first dream (to be fitness teacher) became real,

I felt I had to learn more about food.

The "fuel" that gives us energy to move

so in 1997 I graduated as nutritionist from the University of Perugia

Along with my studies, I worked for 6 years in Perugia gyms teaching

aerobics, step, hip hop, spinning

and attending various nutrition and fitness seminars


in 1997 I stayed in America for one year where

I participated in a clinical research program on children nutrition 

at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Texas, USA,

at the Children's Nutrition Research Center (CNRC)


At that time I also took the diplomas

AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) and

ACE (American Council on Exercise)

I have been a member of the IDEA (Health and Fitness Association) since 1995


In 1998, I started my private activity

as Nutritionist and Fitness teacher in Ioannina


Since then, I have attended many training seminars in the field of fitness and nutrition (macrobiotic, orthomolecular, raw nutrition, ayurvedic diet, Chinese diet, alkaline diet etc.) in Greece and abroad


I have participated as a speaker

in conferences, TEDx, events, shcools television and radio broadcasts

on nutrition, exercise and positive thinking


My interest in the Asian way of thinking

made me travel several times to Tailand 

where I attended yoga, tai chi, ayurveda seminars


December 2006 I stayed over a month

in Nepal (Kathmandu and Pokhara) for yoga

I was trained in sujok and 2nd grade reiki and had ayurveda lessons


In 2008 I was trained as a coordinator

in Dr. Kataria "laughter yoga" and I started

the "Laughter Club" of Ioannina

which continues every monday night 8:00 for free


... because laughter is the best medicine for soul body and emotion...


2008, I traveled 2 months to China where

I attended Chinese Diet Therapy course

(at the Hubei University of TCM in Wuhan, Hubei)

and tai chi, qi gong lessons in a kung fu school

(at the Wudang sacred mountains in Hubei, China)

2010 I stayed three weeks in India (Bombay and Goa)

for yoga and ayurvedic diet


2012 one month at the magic Rishikesh in India for yoga

and in New Delhi for pregnant yoga


2018 I traveled one month in Rajasthan for yoga


.......... I am still learning .........



I firmly believe that food is our medicine

and of course the right excercice and laughter

should be in our everyday life


... because our positive mood is everything !!

.... about Martha ...