η τέχνη του ευ ζήν

Live Happy Life

Martha Kosta

The art of living Happy Life

my goal is Eutrapelia

Ευτραπελία = Eutrapelia 

in the ancient Greek literature means

"the play of the spirit"

The "eutrapelic" person is the person who can channel humor

to the company or to the collectivity,

in order not to "fall" into depression,

the person who knows how to make self-criticism,

to think from the "inside",

to give the experience a predominant meaning.


Aristotle in "Ethical Nicomacheia"

parallels the "eutrapelic" person with the wise person


Ευ-τρέπω = Eu-trepo 

I change easily

I live a happy life !!




as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO)

is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being

and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity





Eu Zin


life characterized by quality and completeness

A prerequisite/necessary condition for "Eu Zin" (good life)

is the achievement of physical and mental health

"Healthy mind in a healthy body"

"Eu Zin" is a way of life that leads us to "Happiness"

According to the ancient Greek rendition

"Happiness" is defined as "a moment of joy"




Holistic Health


holistic from the word

"ΟΛΟΝ" = "ALL"

whole approach of person

is actually an approach to life

Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body,

this ancient approach to health considers the whole person

and how he or she interacts with his or her environment


Since antiquity they have known the mental state affects our health

and how certain negative senses tend to turn into certain diseases.

For us to be healthy, balanced, happy we must activate/balance 

the 4 interrelated dimensional parts:

body - spirit - emotion - mind


since ancient times

(Hippocrates, Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese doctors)

 they knew that our body has the ability to self-heal

as long as we give out bodycells the right ingredients:

- right nutrients

- oxygen (proper breathing)

- clean water

- positive emotional environment

- training for the proper transfer of nutrients

and the effective elimination of toxins today recognizes that poor nutrition, negative feelings

poison us and lead us to premature aging and illness ...

today the main cause of diseases is chronic intoxication.


The toxins we can take from outside, but we also create them

in the largest toxin producing system, that is our gut.

From the outside we get toxins (literally and metaphorically)

through what we eat, drink and breathe in the body, mind and feeling.

So, we eat drink and breathe

food, liquids, anger, fear, sadness, guilt, insecurit....

We end up weakening our defense system !


on the contrary

proper nutrition, laughter, play, dance,

positive emotions, proper exercise, relaxation ...

can stimulate our immune system, our energy,

self-esteem, cheerfulness, imagination, creativity....


Changing the way we think, can reprogram the functioning of our brain,

creating new ways of interacting with the world,

and improving our quality of life


help us live a happy life !!



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"Nature is Disease physician"