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Martha Kosta

gallery/lake spirit


....some of the most beautiful moments that we experienced

organizers, teachers and participants

at Ioannina Lake Retreat

in July 2018 next to the lake of Ioannina


teachers: martha kosta, giota mastora, nikos akrivos, gogo varfi, pangiotis andreou, marianna papatsakona, sandy mitsouli, vana siouti 

Ioannina Lake Retreat

Ioannina Lake Retreat 2

18 - 22 July, 2019


Incredible view of the lake Pamvotis and surrounding mountains

is the scenery of this concept.

The Lake Retreat is located in Epirus in the region of Ioannina.


Guests can enjoy

hatha yoga, pilates, capoeira, Rejuvance, Reiki, yin yoga,

gong therapy , music therapy, meditation and an open air buffet.


A unique moment of an ultimate uplift, an memorable energy boost

that will last for long in participants’ mind and body.

In addition to this affluent experience,

an excursion in River Voidomatis combined

with a cleansing and detoxifying meditation

will complete a 3-day dream!

Warm Hospitality and delicious regional gastronomy is an extra asset.


5 night accommodation in 4 star hotel

(in standard double room – half board)

Transport from/to airport

Discovering Ioannina city

1 session Holistic Rejuvenation Technique

1session Hatha Yoga for Beginners

1 session Hatha Yoga by the lake

1 session Yin Yoga by the lake(organ stretching & massaging)

1 session Pilates by the lake

1 session Capoeira by the Lake

1 session Guided Meditation by river Voidomatis

1 session Gong & Sound Therapy

1 session Dynamic Meditation

Open air buffet with vegetarian and local gastronomy



Visit the clearest river of Europe “Voidomatis” 


Spoken Language: English and others upon Request